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electronic arts announced today its ceo john riccitiello will step down at the end of the month. previous ceo will lead the company while it looks for a permanent replacement. shares of ea wurp about 2 and a half percent in after-hours trading. >>> voted today to issue $8.6 billion in bonds for construction of the high speed rail system connecting san francisco and los angeles. the funding was approved by voters in 2008. the california high speed rail authority wants to initially sell $2 and a half billion of the bond with construction scheduled to begin on the first segment in central valley this summer. the entire route is not expected to be complete until the year 2028. >>> some neighbors in oakland say they've seen an explosion of graffiti poppinging up south of downtown. the brand new bart connecter to oakland international airport, which is still under construction, has been tagged you see here, so several freeway onramps, homes, businesss and delivery trucks. we talked to oakland city councilman today who says there are plenty antivandalism laws on the books but not enough enforcement
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1